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    We have 3 very distinct versions of our Bands from very flexible to very firm.  Bounce bands are round like human muscle fiber. This gives a much more pure rebound reaction than flat bands. There are 4 bands on each boot and 3 combinations of thickness to adjust the feel you get and the rebound effect desired.

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    Bounce Blades are the other part of the rebounding system that allows great flexibility. Since there is an upper and lower Blade you have multiple combinations here as well. Combine an Upper and Lower blade with one of our 3 Band models and you have different feels for different workouts.

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    Bounce Booties are the most comfortable liners for rebounding boots made today. This “Full Wrap Around” Bootie has double thickness padding around the ankles as this is one of the areas in traditional liners that causes blistering. 

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    The Bounce Tread is on the bottom of the lower shell and acts like a tire tread on a car.

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