About Bounce Boots

Dianna Rojas - Bounce Boots Founder

Dianna Rojas created Bounce Boots to share her love of rebounding and make it a great experience for people of all ages, shapes and sizes! Her passion is to provide great products with customizable features, offering the most comfortable and secure Bounce experience ever, while inspiring all to find the right time, place and program to Bounce into Fitness™. Our boots are available in four (4) great colors and 7 sizes for adults and kids.

Born and raised in Brownsville, Texas, Dianna has dedicated her life to health and fitness. Her journey began as a teenager that struggled with her weight. At 16 years old, Dianna started her career in fitness and never looked back. She is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor specializing in several programs including: BOSU, Beach Boot Camp, ZUMBA®, R.I.P.P.P.E.D. and Spinning. With a competitive spirit, she has competed in body building events, has many marathons under her belt, and continues to run and improve her times. She also works as a professional fitness model.

Dianna earned a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from University of Texas in 2012. She understands the value of education and knows she can make a difference, both nationally and internationally by offering a great rebounding boot and creative and innovative programs. She believes that every person who takes the initiative to adopt a healthy lifestyle is a winner and can become a role model for others.

Dianna understands the health and weight challenges many children, teenagers and adults face today. She believes fitness is a lifelong commitment that should be fun and believes her Bounce Boots are the answer for anyone that wants to have fun while exercising and bounce their way to a healthier life.