Bounce Boots - Black & Neon Pink

Bounce Boots - Black & Neon Pink


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Bounce by Dianna Rojas are the premier rebounding boot on the market today. Find out more about this amazing product below.
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Bounce Boots by Dianna Rojas offers the premier rebounding boot on the market today. Totally redesigned from the ground up, these boots are simply years ahead of similar models.

Flexibility is the key with Bounce. Unlike other boots currently sold, Bounce by Dianna Rojas has combined all these features to create boots that are, by far, the best boots available today. So put a pair in your shopping cart and get ready to Bounce Into Fitness™ Today!

How are Bounce Boots different from other rebounding boots?

  • The biggest difference in Bounce Boots™ is our redesign from the ground up.
  • Pro-style liner (Bounce Bootie) is a full wrap around liner so when you tighten the straps they press the liner directly to your legs.
  • Added double thickness to the liner at the ankle to eliminate the rubbing and blistering you sometimes get with other models.
  • Buckles are engineered for a secure and comfortable fit - the top buckle is a double latch system for the most secure fit you can have.
  • Bottom buckles have a single click ratchet system that allows you to tighten the boots one notch at a time for the perfect fit every time.
  • This system also protects the straps making them last longer.
  • Eliminated the support plate that you see on many pairs of boots as it is an extra point of failure and an additional part that has to be replaced over time.
  • Strong support is put right into the bottom of our lower boot.
  • Lastly and most important are the Bounce Bands - developed with a patent pending design using 4 bands that are round not flat.
    • Round bands, similar to actual muscle fiber, produces a powerful rebound effect.
    • Bands last longer than traditional bands.
    • The 2 outside bands are larger than the 2 inside bands.
    • If you choose to cut away 2 of the inner bands, you have the 2 thicker outer bands still in place for even rebound effect.

How does the sizing work?

Like Ski Boots and Rollerblades, Bounce Boots™ come in sizes that are based on ranges. Below you will find the ranges and expected sizes based on your normal shoe size. Larger Kids size move into Adult XSmall and Small. It is always better to go up a size than down a size as you can just wear a thicker sock to make up the extra ½ size.

Size Chart

When selecting a size for your Bounce Boots order, it is recommended to go up a minimum half (.5) shoe size on the US or Euro chart to leave room for your socks.

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  • 5
    Innovation in the world of rebound!

    Posted by Monique Mesquita on Feb 8th 2018

    I've been rebounding in the last 4 years and I never used such comfortable shoes, also the new buckles are so cool and easy, I love them! But what I most like with Bounce by Dianna Rojas is that they are innovative, full of ideas , which makes an exciting brand to be following. I can't wait to the new models to come!

  • 5
    Bounce Boots by Dianna

    Posted by Jennifer Luke on May 17th 2017

    I use to be an avid Kangoo Jumps owner. I had 3 pairs and would rotate springs and parts as they broke. I found Bounce Boots by Dianna and have since retired my Kangoos. These boots are more stable, have better bounce and are far more comfortable. The re-engineering that Dianna has done gives me a longer life span on the springs. I run 3-5 miles several days a week so it is important to have well made Boots. I have converted my husband and my Dad over to Bounce Boots and will continue to recommend this brand over anything else. Thank you for a quality product for those of us that Bounce!

  • 5
    Love them! Fun exercise!!

    Posted by Fabiana Degan on May 2nd 2017

    I highly recommend this product if you are looking to get fit in a fun way!