Frequently asked questions

Placing orders – Sizes/Costs

How much do the Bounce Boots™ cost and what colors do you have? .

Our Small Adult boots, in all 4 color combinations, will be arriving in the next couple weeks. These will be followed by all colors and sizes sometime mid to late October. We will offer 8 sizes at that time - 3 Kids sizes(S,M,L) and 5 Adult sizes( XS,S,M,L,XL). We may at some point even offer an XXL if you, our customers, feel we need it. So if you are a Small you can get them in a couple weeks or if you are any other size you can pre-order and get them next month. We know you will think they are worth the wait.

How does the sizing work?

Like Ski Boots and Rollerblades, Bounce Boots™ come in sizes that are based on ranges. Below you will find the ranges and expected sizes based on your normal shoe size. Larger Kids size move into Adult Small and Medium. It is always better to go up a size than down a size as you can just wear a thicker sock to make up the extra ½ size.

Do you have Bounce Boots™ in kids' sizes?

Yes, we have three kids’ sizes (Small, Medium and Large). The Large boots are available now and fit children typically ranging in age from 7 to 14. The Small and Medium boots will be available in about 45 days.

Where do I purchase Bounce Boots™ in Countries outside the US?

Dealers, Resellers and Trainers from around the world are signing up every day. We will have a network of resellers who will carry stock in your country or region shortly. They will support you on an on going basis. In the meantime, if you would like to purchase a pair please send an email to and provide the following:

• Name

• Mailing Address, City, State, Country (If outside the US), Post Code

• Phone

• Email address

• Shoe size

• Male or Female (for sizing)

• Adult or Child

• Choose the color combination you like the best (Black, Neon Green or Pink). See order form for details.

Please specify if you would like to be billed by Paypal or credit card. We will invoice you by email. We will send back a price quote including shipping and images of choice of colors. Bounce Boots™ retail for $199.00, however we are having a pre-launch for the new 2016 models in production now for $149.00. We have four color-combinations to choose from as noted above.

Do my Bounce Boots come with a warranty?

Yes they do, and we will include that with your purchase information. If you’d like to see it ahead of time, please request a warranty information sheet at or find it listed Here.

Is there a weight limit for the boots?

We have folks who weigh more than 250 pounds using Bounce and having a great time. People who are over 200 pounds will love the fact that Bounce Boots take so much stress off the ankle, knee and hip joints as well as helping take stress off the back. Never feel like you are to heavy to try Bounce. We have developed special Bounce Bands and Shells for folks who are above 200 lbs. If for any reason they are not for you. Simply return them in the original box within 30 days of receipt for a NO QUESTIONS 100% money back guarantee.

What is your return policy?

We want to give you ample time to make sure Bounce is perfect for you. For that reason we allow you up to 30 days from the date of receipt to test out the boots. If for any reason you simply feel they are not for you simply retun them to us in the original box without any damage and we will refund 100% of your purchase price upon receipt and inspection. You will receive a prompt refund via the same payment method made when you purchased the product. Shipping back to us is the responsibility of the client.

How do I buy a pair of Bounce Boots™ if I live in the US?

If you would like to purchase a pair just send us an email to

• Name

• Mailing Address, City, State, Country (If outside the US), Post Code

• Phone

• Email address

• Shoe size

• Male or Female (for sizing)

• Adult or Child

We will send back a price quote including shipping and images of choice of colors. Bounce Boots™ retail for $199.00, however we are having a pre-launch for the new 2016 models in production now for $149.00. We have four color-combinations to choose from.

As a bonus we will also send you a FREE Bounce Boots™ Carry Bag. Bounce Boots™ are great exercise; great fun and protect your ankles, knees and hip joints. The boots take approximately 80% of the stress off your joints and the constant movement fires your fast twitch muscles all the time. So send us a quick note and you will be ready to Bounce into Fitness™ in no time!

Training, Reselling and equipment logistics

Do I need any training to use the boots?

No, there is no need to complete training to use Bounce Boots™. The boots are safe and easy to use. We recommend you check out YouTube for a selection of hundreds of videos including classes that you can follow along with and have a great workout. You can also simply put them on and take a nice jog or long run. Shortly, we will have links available on for video workouts as well as links to classes available around the world that you can log into and have a live class right in the comfort of your home. We are linking classes around the world so you will literally have 24 hours access to live classes anytime.

Is it difficult to balance while wearing the Bounce Boots™?

No. Bounce Boots™ are not hard to balance in while wearing them. The wide shell (Bounce Blade) makes it easy to stand up, walk, jog or even run fast with ease. Exercise classes are also easy to enjoy with Bounce Boots™ as they are very stable.

How much do the Bounce Boots™ weigh?

Bounce Boots weigh about 4.5 lbs. each so about 9 lbs. for the pair.

How are Bounce Boots different from other rebounding boots?

The biggest difference in Bounce Boots™ is our redesign from the ground up.

• Pro-style liner (Bounce Bootie) is a full wrap around liner so when you tighten the straps they press the liner directly to your legs.

• Added double thickness to the liner at the ankle to eliminate the rubbing and blistering you sometimes get with other brands.

• Bounce Buckles have been totally reengineered (watch the video on our page)

o The top buckle is a double latch system for the most secure comfortable fit you can have.

o The bottom buckles have a “click by click™” ratchet system that allows you to tighten the boots one notch at a time for the perfect fit every time.

• This system also protects the straps making them last longer.

• Eliminated the support plate that you see on many pairs of boots as it is an extra point of failure and an additional part that has to be replaced over time.

• Strong support is put right into the bottom of our lower boot.

• Lastly and most important are the Bounce Bands - developed with a patent pending design using 4 bands that are round not flat.

o The 2 outside bands are larger than the 2 inside bands

o Round bands produce a much better rebounding effect and last much longer than traditional bands

o Produce a much more profound rebound effect

o If you need to cut away 2 bands you have the 2 thicker outer bands still in place for even rebound effect

What muscle groups get a workout with Bounce Boots™?

While legs are the obvious drivers of a great workout, Bounce Boots™ really work your core too. Since the boots weigh about 5 lbs. they really get your heart going when you run, jog or follow along with a class online. They truly are a total body cardio workout that is super fun. Exercising with Bounce tones virtually all parts of the body. The key thing to remember is the fact that the boots take up to 80% of the stress off your ankle, knee and hip joints. This is especially important for people who are getting back in shape and might be a bit overweight. It turns a three-mile run into a fun, bouncing experience. Just wait until you see how many people ask you about them and want a pair. So get ready to Bounce into Fitness™ today.

Where do I find a class?

At this time, there are no “Bounce Classes” just yet. They are coming. However, this is not stopping 1000’s of Bounce Boots users from getting the benefits. Many are going to other rebounding classes but most are going online and watching videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other sites. Over the coming month, we will have classes starting around the world. Dianna will be in Spain in a couple weeks then in Argentina filming our first training videos and classes. We have a network of trainers getting ready to offer classes. Additionally you will be able to attend virtual classes right on

Imagine taking a Bounce class in Spain when you live in Texas or a class in Argentina when you live in London. Additionally, we will offer an optional online community for all users who want to Bounce. Simply put in our post code and find classes and other Bounce users in your area. If you want to start a class, we will post your location for other people to get in touch with you. The first step is to order your first pair of Bounce Boots™ today and get ready to Bounce into Fitness™!

Where is the office for Bounce Boots™ located?

Our office is located in Decatur, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.

Does Bounce Boots™ offer rebounding classes?

We are just getting started with programs for trainers and resellers around the world. We don’t teach classes here but train trainers to teach classes. See more details below.

Do you need a course to become a qualified Bounce Boots™ instructor?

At this time, we don’t have certification classes in place. We first started with manufacturing of the boots. Over the coming months we will build out classes, certify trainers and lay out the channel of distribution with master resellers around the world. Dianna will start filming some training programs and set up all the training and certification in the coming month. She will also coordinate music so that our trainers will have awesome tunes for their classes. At this point trainers are “making it up as they go” by looking at YouTube, Facebook and other online resources to get ideas about how to teach classes. One thing we want to emphasize is that there are no rigid program set-ups. We want everyone to do what they feel is best for their classes and clients. It is very exciting and we have just started this crazy ride.

Do you have any plans for special Bounce Boots™ programs to offer for schools?

Yes, we are really interested in stopping childhood obesity. Dianna herself was an overweight child who fought for years to get in shape. Like so many kids today, she had poor eating habits, limited exercise and not enough time outside leading to her obesity as a child. For this reason, we will have special programs for kids and schools.

What types of surfaces can I Bounce on?

Great thing about Bounce Boots is that you can use them on almost any surface. Yes we are talking almost ANY surface including sand, concrete, wood floor, carpet. One thing to remember though is that you would want to clean them off really well going from outdoors to indoors so you don’t scratch your floors. Basically the idea is that as long as the surface is stable you can enjoy Bouncing.

How much does shipping cost for Bounce Boots?

Ultimately we will have Bounce Master Resellers and dealers in most countries around the world. With this in mind we hope to be able to ship to you from within your own country costing you as little in shipping as possible. Until that time we will ship from our offices here in Atlanta or regional offices around the world. The shipping cost is based on where you live and the type of service. Inside the US we have flat rate shipping of $25.00 per pair. This includes shipping, handling, processing and insurance. We use UPS Ground service for all these orders. Should you wish to have your shipment faster we will quote you for overnight, 2nd day or 3 day select. You will simply pay the difference between the $25.00 and the upgraded service. For those customers living outside the United States we will send you a shipping quote for all orders prior to placing them in the system. We will choose a combination of the least expensive and fastest way to get to you. We forward the tracking information on all orders when they ships as well.