Bounce Boots™ combine fun and fitness while protecting your ankles, knees and hip joints. Whether you bounce like a kangaroo, dance like a diva or run like a cheetah, these elite, state-of-the-art boots are designed to take up to 80% of the stress off your joints. The constant movement fires your fast twitch muscles all the time, so check out our rebounding boots and get ready to Bounce into Fitness™ in no time! Visit our Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more.

Bounce has just moved to our new offices in Deerfield Beach, FL.  Deerfield Beach is located between Boca Raton and Ft. Lauderdale on the East Coast of Florida. We also have direct employees who live and work in Europe, South America and Asia. Additionally, we have Distributors, Resellers and Instructors who represent Bounce in more than 40 countries around the world.

Bounce Boots are here! Get ready to enjoy a better experience than the KJ’s and at a sweet price, with an awesome warranty. Bounce Boots retail for $219.00 USD but we have many specials and discount programs throughout the year. . Our rebounding boots are available in 4 great colors: Bright Neon Green, Bright Neon Pink and a combination of Black with Neon Pink or Black with Neon Green accents. The accent parts are the Bounce Bands and Bounce Treads. 

Call 323.379.7329 or email if you have additional questions.

If you would like to purchase a pair just ORDER NOW or send us an email to Additionally we do have resellers in across the US who teach Bounce Classes and sell Bounce Boots and accessories.

Where do I purchase Bounce Boots™ if I live outside of the US?

We have a network of Distributors, Resellers and Instructors who carry stock in many countries around the world. If you don’t see your area listed just drop us a note and in the meantime, if you would like to purchase a pair please send an email to or just order here. Please note if the shipping price seems high send us a note as many times the rates are not accurate as all this is linked to UPS, FedEx and USPS. 

How do I pay for my Bounce Boots?

We have several ways you can purchase Bounce Boots. If you are out of the country you may use a credit card up to $5000 USD in sales price. Sales over $5000 require a wire in advance of shipping. For standard orders of one or two pairs, credit card if fine. You may also use Pay Pal. If you are having trouble with any of these please contact us to arrange a more suitable form of payment. 

Like ski boots and rollerblades, Bounce Boots™ come in size ranges (see Size Range Chart). It is always better to go up a size than down a size. You can just wear a thicker sock to make up the extra ½ size. When you order make sure we know your actual shoe size so we can guarantee you get the perfect fit. 

Size Chart


Yes, we have three kids’ sizes. Our smallest kids are 4 and 5 year olds. They wear our XS boots. Biggest kids wear our size Small boot and teens fit in adult sizes. We have a size for just about anyone.

There is no weight limit for Bounce Boots. We actually have folks up to 375lbs using them today as a part of our Bounce Body Transformation Challenge. We use a combination of Bands and Blades to give you the perfect rebound effect desired every time. With 4 different Blade and 3 different Bands to choose from there really is no one we can’t satisfy.

Ultimately we will have Bounce Distributors in most countries around the world. With this in mind we hope to be able to ship to you from within your own country costing you as little in shipping as possible. Or at least have a fairly central distributon center in close proximity. Until that time we will ship from our offices here in the US or regional offices around the world. The shipping cost is based on where you live and the type of service. Inside the US shipping averages about $20 per pair. This includes shipping, handling, processing and insurance. We use UPS, Fedex or USPS Ground service for all these orders. Should you wish to have your shipment faster we will quote you for overnight, 2nd day or 3 day select. You will simply pay for the upgraded service. For those customers living outside the United States we will send you a shipping quote for all orders prior to placing them in the system. We will choose a combination of the least expensive and fastest way to get to you. We forward the tracking information on all orders when they ship as well. Ocean is the least expensive method and take about 30 to 45 days to arrive in your country. There will also be Duties and Taxes associated with the order. We can custom clear for you or you may chose to manage this with your own broker. 

Yes, Bounce Boots come with a One Year Limited Warranty and 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee through our Return Policy. The Bounce Boots warranty will be included with your invoice and sent by email. If you’d like to a copy, please request a warranty information sheet at or find it listed at the link above.

Like most things you purchase the life expectancy is based on how much they are used, how well they are taken care of and how well they are maintained. With this in mind there is no reason you can’t get years of enjoyment from your boots if you just follow a few simple steps. Always store you boots in a place that does not have extremes of heat and cold. Make sure to clean your boots after use so you don’t get build up of dirt on the parts. (you may totally immerse them in water with no issue at all). You Bounce Boots are washing machine safe, just take out the insert. Check your locking bolts from time to time to make sure they are tight and that is about it. 

As a matter of fact Bounce Bands and Bounce Blades will fit KJ’s. We highly suggest if you want to upgrade you KJ’s that you swap out both Blades and the Bands. This is not 100% required but we have found that you get the best results when you do this. This will give you a huge upgrade from the years old technology with your current boots. 

We want to give you ample time to make sure Bounce Boots are perfect for you so we allow you up to 30 days from the date of receipt to test out the boots. If, for any reason, you simply feel they are not for you just return the item to us in the original box without any damage and we will refund 100% of your purchase price upon receipt and inspection. You will receive a prompt refund via the same payment method made when you purchased the product. Shipping back to us is the responsibility of the client. If you have had your boots for more than 30 days you may return them and based on the level of use we will take them back with a restocking fee based on shipping date and level of use. Details can be found here- Return Policy

Yes as a matter of fact we have a fantastic affiliate program that allows you to refer your friends to Bounce and earn money. You simply sign up for the program and we take care of all the rest. When they order using your link you automatically get credit and you can even give them a special discount if you would like. Our automated system does all the work so all you have to do is promote Bounce. 

No training is required to use Bounce Boots™. The boots are safe and easy to use. We recommend you check out YouTube for a selection of hundreds of videos including classes that you can follow along with and have a great workout. Evolution Rebound the Bounce by Dianna Rojas group fitness program is complete and we expect to have this on the channel as well. This is a step by step review to help you get the most out of your boots. You can also simply put them on and take a nice walk, jog or long run. You can also check out our Classes section for places near you who have ongoing classes. 

No. Bounce Boots™ are very stable to wear. The wide shell Bounce Blade makes it easy to stand up, walk, dance, jog or even run fast with ease. Exercise classes are also easy to enjoy with Bounce Boots™.

Bounce Boots weigh about 4.5 lbs. each so about 9 lbs. for the pair. This is great because having them on and moving around gives you a workout.

Bounce Boots™ have several unique features (with patents pending) that no other boot can compete with. We built a superior boot from the ground up! The following are a few of those features.

Bounce Bootie™ - Our Pro-style liner is a full wrap around Bootie, so when you tighten the straps they press the liner directly to your legs. The double thick liner supports the ankle and eliminates the rubbing and blistering you sometimes get with other brands.

Bounce Clicks™- Our buckle system has two unique features; the top buckle is a double latch system for the most secure comfortable fit you can have. The bottom buckles have a “click by click™” ratchet system that allows you to tighten the boots one notch at a time for the perfect fit every time. This system also protects the straps making them last longer.

Bounce Base™

Our support plate is built into our lower boot – providing strong support in the lower boot with widest surface area in the industry where the U-Blade (upper blade) sites against the lower boot. The elimination of a support plate not only takes away a point of failure on the boots but eliminates a part you would have to replace if it breaks. This also drives cost from the boots giving you better value for your dollar. 

Bounce Bands™ -Our patent pending design includes four bands that are round not flat like other bands. With 3 different types of bands the options are almost endless when you combine them with our Bounce Blades. Our first set up is 4 thin bands for light weight adults and kids, next is the middle band with 2 thick on the outside and 2 thin on this inside. This is our most popular. Last is our heavy-duty bands with 4 thick bands for those who want a hard rebound or weigh over 150 lbs. One of the biggest advantages of Bounce is you will never have to “cut” bands to get the right feel like you do with other brands. We find it odd that they actually tell you to CUT the product instead of making combinations. Problem with cutting the bands is you can’t ever go back and oh by the way you void your warranty! Go Figure. 

Bounce Treads™ - 

Our treads are a strong composite material like tires on your car and are available in multiple colors. Easy to swap out, you can mix and match Treads, Bands and Booties for endless combinations of style. 

Changing out the Bounce Bands and Bounce Blades is not really that hard for the A and B set up but the C upper Blade C Band and C lower Blade can be difficult. It can be done with no tools but you will typically find that it is a challenge. For this reason we have found a simple tool you can purchase in virtually any home improvement store. Additionally the Allen wrench shown in the image is the best tool to use. We use this simple tool in the factory if we need to make a quick change. 

While legs are the obvious drivers of a great workout, Bounce Boots™ really works your core as well. Since the boots weigh about 4.5 lbs. they really get your heart going when you run, jog, join a live class or follow along with one online. They truly are a total body cardio workout that is super fun. Exercising with Bounce tones virtually all parts of the body. The key thing to remember is that the boots can take up to 80% of the stress off your ankle, knee and hip joints. This is especially important for people who are getting back into shape and might be a bit overweight. You can also do many conventional exercises with Bounce Boots like Pushups, Plank, Lunges and much more. Let your imagination just go for it. Bounce by Dianna Rojas turns a three-mile run into a fun, bouncing experience. Just wait until you see how many people ask you about them and want a pair. Sign up today for our affiliate program and get paid to Bounce. How cool is that! So get ready to Bounce into Fitness™ today.

Check our site to see if there are any classes your area. Many people go online and watch rebounding videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other sites. Over the coming months we will add many more trainers from around the world who will teach Evolution Rebound Dianna’s group fitness program. Additionally, you will be able to watch classes right on Imagine joining a Bounce class in Spain when you live in Texas or a class in Argentina when you live in London. Additionally, we will offer an optional online community for all users who want to Bounce. Simply put in your postal code and find classes and other Bounce users in your area. If you want to start a class, we will post your location for other people to get in touch with you. The first step is to order your first pair of Bounce Boots™ today and get ready to Bounce into Fitness™!

Great news for you coming soon we have Bounce music tracks that come out once a month. You can purchase one track at a time, order several in the library or subscribe. 

At this time, we don’t have certification classes in place. Dianna has been working tirelessly to get Bounce Evolution completed so that our certifications can begin. We first started with manufacturing the highest quality boot in the world. Over the coming months we will build out classes and certify trainers around the world. Dianna and her team will also coordinate music so that our trainers will have awesome tunes for their classes. At this point trainers are “making it up as they go” by looking at YouTube, Facebook and other online resources to get ideas about how to teach classes. Most also rely on the years they have been teaching other classes. One thing we want to emphasize is that there are no rigid program set-ups. We want everyone to do what they feel is best for their classes and clients. It is very exciting and we welcome your feedback. One thing will never change and that is anyone is welcome to use Bounce in any setting they want we will never demand that “only bounce” this or bounce that is demanded. We want rebounding to grow and if you use Bounce Boots in a Bounce class great but if you use KJ or some other brand no worries. We think it is foolish and shortsighted to block someone from a class based on what boots they wear. Sort of silly don’t ya think!

Yes, we are really interested in stopping childhood obesity. Dianna herself was an overweight child who fought for years to get in shape. Like so many kids today, she had poor eating habits, limited exercise and not enough time outside leading to her obesity as a child. For this reason, we will have special programs for kids and schools. Many of our instructor partners around the world already have kids programs in place as well. 

One of the best things about Bounce Boots is that you can use them on almost any surface, including sand, concrete, wood floor, carpet. One thing to remember is that you need to clean them off really well when going from outdoors to indoors so you don’t scratch your floors. As long as the surface is stable you can enjoy bouncing in your Bounce Boots. We even have a recent video of Dianna Bouncing through the snow.