Join our global network of Partners, Distributors and Resellers today!

Thank you very much for your interest in working with Bounce Boots. We are extremely excited about the future and having you as a part of the Bounce Team. Unlike many companies in this industry Bounce Boots was founded on the premise that our Partners, Distributors and Resellers are the most important ambassadors for our brand. For this reason, you will find working with us and selling boots will finally become a very profitable part of doing what you love. If you struggle to stay in the business because of low margins and little support then Bounce is for you.

With three distinct programs to choose from you can certainly find a fit. With Bounce we have set the organization to give you the best pricing, greatest quality and best support possible. Dedicated employees in the US, Europe, The Americas and Asia assure you will have the best chance at success. Supporting your success is our number one priority. 

Our Partner program is for organizations that have the ability to manage a large geographic region or in some cases an entire country. The financial commitment for this program is for those who have typically been in business for some time and have solid financials and greater resources. This programs grants “exclusive” rights to all Bounce has to offer. This includes products and programs, special pricing, marketing support and training as well as the ability to set up resellers, trainers and instructors in your territory. You also have a dedicated corporate resource to support all your needs. They will be hands on and will spend a great deal of time working one on one with you in your market to assure your goals are met. Lastly you will be a member of the Bounce Advisory board granting you access to Senior Leadership and giving you the ability to help drive product development and the growth of the company while being a voice for the at large Bounce Community. This program is similar to a Franchise without the on going fees.  Lastly as a Partner you are first in line for the Bounce Rental program. This allows you to be the first to have access to Bounce Rental. A huge advantage when trying to grow quickly.

For those with the ability to manage a territory and stock products we have our Distributor program. This tier is a step down from Partner but still offers a wide variety of benefits. These include “protected” territory, excellent pricing and a dedicated corporate resource. Additionally you are allowed to set up resellers under you as well as certify instructors using your certified Bounce Trainers. Distributors typically manage a geographic region of a country. Distributors typically receive Ocean shipments and manage inventory for resellers under them. This saves on inter country shipping costs while gives the Distributor an added profit center for their business. 

Resellers are the final logistic tier. This group is made up of many different types of organizations and individuals.  From the local gym owner who has classes and wants to sell boots to websites who want to add Bounce to the product line. Resellers purchase products from Distributors or the Company direct. The benefit of ordering from a Distributor is the fact that they will have product in stock and will be able to get it to you quickly.