By Dianna Rojas

Bounce up daily!

The more you can access happiness from within, the easier it becomes to be happy without giving it a second thought. It is a lot like a muscle: you have to work it out daily in order to strengthen it. One way to do this quickly is to do what you love daily and to be mentally and physically strong. A great way to do that is to BOUNCE!

Recognize that all of the work you are doing is part of the bigger picture. The books you read, the people you talk to, and the lectures you attend are all part of the healing process. When you approach Bounce as a lifestyle you will automatically attract happiness for yourself rather than a "got to get there" destination.

It is like eating a healthy diet — we do not eat a healthy diet to get healthy, we eat a healthy diet to BE healthy. Happiness is the same way. I have a solution for you .