Childhood Obesity

By Dianna Rojas

Encourage your children healthy eating habits.

If force feeding your child into obesity and ill health, a life on diabetes medication and far higher risks of cancer, heart disease, infertility and an early death isn’t child abuse, then what on earth is it?
This message that needs to go out, as starkly as that, in letters to every parent of every overweight or obese child in the world.
The message seems to be that the parents who overfeed their kids are just too ignorant to do a better job and need to be pitied, educated and helped.
As warm and fuzzy as that argument sounds, it has only one fault: it is a load of complete nonsense.
Far too many kids are overweight and even dangerously obese these days and they’re not managing it on their own. Their parents are 100 per cent to blame for what goes into their mouths – and indeed how much they exercise their growing bodies.
Because they prefer to give their children what they want instead of what their children need. And because, most importantly, they care more about their own selfish wants right now than their own child’s needs in the long term.
We cannot continue to stand by and watch while so many children are failed by their own mothers and fathers. It's simply not fair. Both the children and parents need to be educated.
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Children who are overweight are
teased more than their normal weight peers and that is a serious issue. It's not cute to be the chubby kid period ! I was once a chubby kid and I stand for all the innocent children who are overweight. Together, we can help shape children's lives. I am not a parent yet but one day I will be . I have seen and met so many children who are over weight. There are so many children that really want to be healthy but do not have the guidance of their own parents because their parents are simply lazy or just don't care.
Obese children are also more likely to suffer from social isolation, depression, and lower self-esteem. The effects of this can last into adulthood. Remember, as a child and adult it's never too late to BOUNCE BACK!