One of the things that makes Bounce so different than every rebounding boot ever made before or available today is the flexibility our combination of Bands and Blades afford the user. With 3 different Bands versions and 3 different Blades Bounce is the only company to give you an almost endless combination or rebounding effects. From extremely hard rebound for those who love super intense workouts and endurance athletes to a very soft rebound effect for kids and those new to the sport.  Swapping out Blades and Bands takes only seconds and most of our clients have different sets for different uses.  Each boot has 2 blades and one band. You use the same blades on top or bottom of switch it up if you like.  So let your imagination run wild and get ready to Bounce into fitness today.


Bounce Blades are the other part of the rebounding system that allows great flexibility. Since there is an upper and lower Blade you have multiple combinations here as well. Combine an Upper and Lower blade with one of our 3 Band models and you have different feels for different workouts.


Our softest Blades are our (A Blade) which have a very light cushiony feel. These are typically used for kids and those new to the sport or very light in weight.


Next we have our (B blade) which is the most common blade we make it is a standard on many models and is really the middle of the road for most people. Soft enough for most people to take classes and even run in and hard enough that you get a great work out.

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