More than 2 years ago we started out on a journey to build the absolute best rebounding boot ever made. With the release of Bounce by Dianna Rojas we have accomplished just that. More than a year of research on all the current boot designs on the market gave us our starting point. Dianna’s more than 15 years in the fitness industry and 8 years of direct experience using other brands of rebounding boots gave us the base with regard to the key areas we should focus on. Dozens of interviews with trainers in more than 30 countries around the world gave us great feedback from professionals with more than 200 combined years of experience. Testing many different designs, makes and models we broke all the current boots on the market. All the way down to the very core. While all boots are similar in concept you can clearly see great differences in Bounce. The following is a detailed list of “Why Bounce Boots” are the new Best of Breed and the Gold Standard in the industry. We focused on 5 key areas that were clearly in need of updating from all the current designs which date back to the late 1990’s.

These key areas are:
  • Buckles and straps
  • The liner (Bounce Bootie)
  • The support plate (all in one lower boot)
  • The T Spring (Bounce Bands)
  • Shells (Bounce Blades)

Buckles and Straps

“The Old Way”
Each buckle and strap is the same no matter the position on the boot. All the straps are the same width as well. This design for the buckles forces you to adjust and readjust to try and get the right fit. Especially hard for kids and those new to the sport.Poor hinge design makes for high failure rate. Because of the poor hinges we found that the straps start to slip a great deal over time.


“The Bounce Way”
Upper Boot
Because your foot is totally different than your leg you need different buckles and straps for each area. For the Upper buckles our engineers and designers felt that a wider strap and dual hinged design would not only give the right comfort but most import provide the absolute best and safest support. This is because your leg has the least amount of surface area the straps must support.


“The Bounce Way”
Lower Boot
On the lower boot buckles and straps, which are across the foot and ankle, we use the Bounce “Click by Click” ratchet system. This ensures the perfect fit every time because you actually adjustthe strap one single “notch” at a time. This also dramatically increases the life of the straps. It is especially helpful for those new to rebounding and kids as many times they find it hard to get the fit just right.


Buckle and Strap Direction

“The Old Way”
All buckles go in the same direction. This is really bad as it pulls across the foot and leg in only one direction. This puts stress on the ankles and the foot as well as causing blisters. With this set up everything pulls across the foot to the outside. This is the reason they have the plastic on the front of the liner because there is so much torque across the foot.


“The Bounce Way”
Top buckle system is dual hinged so you press straight down on the leg for a precise fit. The buckle system on the top set goes from outside to inside. You have bi directional pressure which offset each other to keep all the stress and pressure of the straps and buckles centered. This verses having everything pull to the outside which takes everything off center. This along with our full wrap around liner (Bootie) give the most comfortable fit possible.

Our lower buckles go in the opposite direction, inside to outside, so you have even pressure across the entire foot and leg. This combination gives the absolute perfect fit. This is also the very safest fit possible.


Liner or Bootie

“The Old Way”
Liner is set up to go across the leg and foot. The issue here is the fact that the straps on the buckles all pull to the outside so that you have all the pressure pulling across the foot andtwisting instead of pressing straight down to spread the balance of stress across the whole foot and leg.


“The Bounce Way”
“Full Wrap” around liner
This design assures that you have the very best fitwhile at the same time guarantees that the liner is pressed equally straight down on your leg instead of being pulled across the leg to the outside. Bounce Booties are also double lined at the ankle for extra protection which is a huge issue with other brands. This design almost completely eliminates the possibility of blistering.


Support Plate

“The Old Way”
Support plate is simply an extra part that can break and serves no useful purpose. It drives up cost in the boot because of the fact that you need to mold and produce the part. It also adds cost to assembly as it has to be riveted to the boot. Additionally it is just another point of failure as you have rivets that hold it in place which can break over time. Because they are metal they also rust over time making them deteriorate. The last part is that the lower boot is sitting on such a small surface area that it puts a great deal of pressure on the Blades. We have seen countless pairs of boots where the blades have broken off because of the stress with this set up.


“The Bounce Way”
At Bounce our engineers, designers and fitness professionals eliminated the support plate for several key reasons. We noticed that other brands had blades breaking just behind the back bolt into the lower boot. This was totally eliminated because with our “all in one” lower boot design we have more than 5 times the surface area for the boot to sit on the blade. This gives the maximum amount of support for the blades and provides the maximum amount of safety as well. Plus we eliminated the cost associated with an unnecessary part.



“The Old Way”
With older versions of bands there are plugs in the bands (twin turbos).The idea behind this was to make the rebound effect stronger. What we found is that when you put holes in the bands for the plugs you actually lesson the strength of the bands making 2 points of failure on each side of the bands. Additionally, having flat bands is weaker than round bands and 3 bands all the same size gives you only one choice if the tension. If it is too strong you must cut the bands to lesson the tension. This by the way voids the warranty!


“The Bounce Way”
With Bounce, we first made our bands round just like human muscle fiber. This makes the bands the strongest possible. The holes in the bands were also eliminated to take this point of failure out of play as well. These improvements help make Bounce the longest lasting bands in the market place and why our warranty is more than twice as long as our competitors. With 3 different types of bands AB and C there are endless options when combined with our 3 types of upper and lower blades.



“The Old Way”
Blades only came in 1 or 2 thicknesses limiting your flexibility in set up. If you did not get the right set up with the bands and blades you are told to cut the bands. Bands only come in one set up and thickness. This also voids the warrany which we find strange. they tell you to cut the bands thus voiding your warranty.


“The Bounce Way”
With 3 Blade set ups (A thinnest, B middle and C thickest) and 3 band set ups A( 4 thin bands) ,B (2 outside think bands and 2 inside thin bands) and C (4 thick bands) as well you have an almost endless combination of set ups for the boots. Bounce would never suggest cutting bands as there is never a need to do such a thing.

Overall Bounce has looked at each and every area of production of the product and made significant improvements in all areas. This makes Bounce the most advanced boots on the market today. With innovation as the backbone of what we do, Bounce is positioned for long term success.


Coming Soon!!!
Fall of 2017 “Bounce Signature Series”
Spring of 2018 “Bounce Endurance”